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From: Daniel Veillard [mailto:veillard redhat com]
 It's included in the tarball for one part, there is an extra one
bigger using W3C (NIST/Sun/MS) tests for schemas. It can be run by
make tests or launching special test binaries.
 Read the README.tests in the distribution, it's best explained

Other one you are referring is Or

 No. The libxml2-tests-$version.tar.gz which is explained in
and available at
 The tests embedded come ftp W3C Schemas test suite, which is a
set. I used to test against too, there is a
test tool in CVS for those but you would need a W3C CVS checkout in the
build tree like I have.

Can you point me the location of Python script you used.. could you send
the instruction to do that, if you have them handy.. 


What are you trying to do ? What I support is detailed in README.tests
that what you should run. The others are experimental, hard to assemble
and any problem there will require you to debug, or need analysis of some
hard parts of the XML spec.
In a nutshell the regressions tests I'm ready to support are those described
in README.tests, and "make tests", they are other tests but they are not
for a general consumption.

Also can you point me how I can checkout the code from xml CVS, I
couldn't find that on the website...
  module libxml2
there is also CVS snapshots produced every hours on


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