Re: [xml] Re: maybe_offtopic: help with using exslt functions

Hi Ralf,

R. Mattes wrote:
On Thu, 22 Sep 2005 17:42:19 +0200, Stefan Kost wrote:


I try to use some nonstandartized exslt functions (see ->

When running the attached samples I get
$ xsltproc devhelp.xsl devhelp.xml
xmlXPathCompOpEval: function split not found
XPath error : Unregistered function
xmlXPathCompiledEval: 1 object left on the stack
<?xml version="1.0"?>
<test xmlns=""/>

when rerunning it with -v I et a long log (see attached xsltproc.log).
It seems to load the function definitions,

What makes you think so? From the log you posted:
| Registering extension prefix str :
| Attempting to load plugin:
| /home/ensonic/lib/libxslt/1.1/ for
| xmlCheckFilename failed for plugin:
| /home/ensonic/lib/libxslt/1.1/
| xsltPrecomputeStylesheet: removing ignorable blank node ltgs:

Doesn't look like a successful load to me. Does the library exist
at 'home/ensonic/lib/libxslt/1.1/'?

I belive libxslt tried to see if the function lives in a shared library and tries. But the extension function is completle implemented in the loaded xsl files. This makes me feel that there is possibly a bug. Because the message:
  'xmlXPathCompOpEval: function split not found'
look like the error is cvaught too late. If there is a problem with the xsl implementation, the error needs to be emitted there.

but then seems to have
difficultied to call them from the xsl file. It looks like its trying to
load them from shared-object a multiple times.
Any insights whats going on here?

Dynamic loading attempts to load the library every time it the function
gets called. And fails ...
Which is bad. The library won't grow there by a miracle.


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