[xml] Some issues while building libxml2-2.6.8

I am building libxml2 (Version 2.6.8) for a specific platform.
My top-level build script visits each directory (including libxml2)
and configures' each application.
The second step is to "make" the directories configured.
During the second step, libxml2 tries to rebuild some files
with "missing --run aclocal" for example.

1. I would expect that since I have configured in the first step, the
subsequent make should just build the targets.
Is my assumption wrong?

2. When it runs "missing --run aclocal", I get an error
   "AM_PROG_LIBTOOL" is not found.
   I have the following installed -

3. Also, I have changed configure.in, which means that I should be
generating the "configure" script again with autoconf.
Should I use autoconf or autoreconf?

Thanks and Best Regards,

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