Re: [xml] <!ELEMET declarations

Thanks a lot for your quick answer. 

Exists there a language construct for that purpose?

   At the DTD level, no. In Schemas you have xsd:all for this. In Relax-NG
there is the interleave construct.

I guess I have to read up on schemas and Relax-NG then.

2. Is there a way to copule a attribute definition together with a
element declaration? That is,  i would like to define that element "node"

  You can't do that in DTD or Schemas. This is possible by building a
choice with two branches one with the attribute and one without in

How unfortunate, since I have a eight different attribute values to choose 

Over all, it sounds like I have to program a control routine checking a xml 
document against the bnf-grammer we have written for our data format - but 
then I might meet my old friends flex and bison again so it is not that bad.

Morten W. Jørgensen

Newtec A/S
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