[xml] DTD questions

Hi there,

I am currently trying to solve two problems - one is a general DTD thing, the other is related to libxml2.

1. I have a document with the following structure:

     <editor ...><user.../></editor>
     <node ...><node...></node></node>
     <node ...></node>

   there is always 0-1 editor- and template-element and 0-n node-elements.
   The problem is, that I can not control the order of the elements and
   when I try to define the root element like
   <!ELEMENT root (editor?,node*,template?)>
   I end up with an error because the order often is wrong (it depends on
   userinteraction when which element is created).
   I also might end up with something like node,template,node,node,editor,

   Is there a way to get around this or to define the element properly?

2. How can I create a new XML document using libxml2 and adding an internal
  DTD containing several entities, elements and attributes? I could not
  find any examples showing how to do this. :-(

Any hints are highly welcome!



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