Re: [xml] Windows Binaries And The Web

 Any midgets on this list want to make $100?

Aron Stansvik <elvstone gmail com> wrote:
What FTP software are you running? Shouldn't most FTP servers (on most
platforms?) support something like symlinks or equivalent? Could a
symlink or equivalent solution for FTP, and a redirect solution for
HTTP be an alternative? Hm, tricky buissness you have :)


On Wed, 23 Mar 2005 19:48:07 +0100, Igor Zlatkovic wrote:
> Bruce Miller wrote:
> > Getting even more OT...
> > Do you really need FTP? I've been trying to ween away from it.
> > The speed advantage seems to have become minimal, and it's trickier to
> > secure.
> > Our sysadmins insist on configuring the ftp server with reverse dns checks,
> > with the consequence that every couple of months (just long enough to
> > forget the logic :>)
> > I get reports of people with flakey ISP setups not a ble to connect...
> Off topic or not, here is the answer. :)
> My former life without FTP was rewarded with a bill for the overtraffic.
> I beamed, thinking half of the world came to visit me. The HTTP logs
> have shaken me awake. I found that few idiots out there have nothing
> better to do than to download one and the same, unchanged file three
> times a second, in a massive parallelism, obviously automated. Tcpdump
> said, even firewalled out, they kept drumming before the gate for days.
> FTP was a lot easier to control that sort of traffic with, so I started
> offering the files through FTP only.
> This is not an issue any longer, because my provider has recently raised
> the bandwidth and the all-inclusive traffic by tenfold. Now the idiots
> cannot cause overtraffic before I spot them and beautify my firewall
> rules with their addresses. But many honest people link to th e FTP
> resources now.
> Ciao,
> Igor
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