[xml] [RFC] More error message changes

Hi folks,

Would you accept a patch that removed the text in '[...]' from the message below?

test.xml:1: element elemA: Schemas validity error : Element 'elemA', attribute 'attrB' [simple type 'typeC', facet 'minInclusive']: The value '0' is less than the minimum value allowed ('1').

There are a couple of reasons for this:

a) When presented with this, our typical user is unlikely to understand what a 'simple type' or 'facet' are, nor would they be able to change the affected schema even if they did understand it. b) With my previous patch, I believe the text in '[...]' simply duplicates the more human understandable error that follows.

However, looking at the code a bit more, I'll admit that information is useful for those facet's that don't have their own specific messages (yet!).

So, if you agree in general with the points above I'd like to do the following:

1) Implement messages for MINEXCLUSIVE, MAXEXCLUSIVE, TOTALDIGITS, FRACTIONDIGITS and WHITESPACE facets (adding testcases of course :))
2) Remove the [...] text from the message
3) Fix the testsuite up so it doesn't expect the [...] text to be output.

Thoughts and comments much appreciated,



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