[xml] xml Schema : question about element content type


I'm using libxml2-2.6.18 (and test case provided with it) and have
some question about element content type in xml Schemas:
- if I try testSchemas --debug empty_0.xsd then the content of both
complex type are empty which seems OK
- but if I try testSchemas --debug empty_1.xsd then the content of the
complex type is mixed : I'm wondering why this content is not empty.

Reading the code to try to understand I have found
(xmlschemas.c:13261) a potential bug : if (base->contentType =
XML_SCHEMA_CONTENT_MIXED) instead of  : if (base->contentType ==
XML_SCHEMA_CONTENT_MIXED). I corrected this line, recompiled, but the
problem still exist.


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