Re: [xml] compiler warnings from HP ANSI C on HP-UX 11iv2 (11.23)

Rick Jones wrote:

Attached to this message is the typescript of a compile with +w1 and +M2 set to enable all the warnings the compiler sees fit to emit. They seem to be similar to those emitted by the HP-UX 11i v1 (11.11) compilers but with nicer message text. This was also with +DD64 set to get a 64-bit compile.

6 of the warnings are for trionan.c, which is my domain.

All 6 warnings can safely be ignored. I use explicit casts, but that
does not appear to satisfy the compiler.

I know that these warnings can be ignored by adding the +W1036 compiler
option, but I am wondering if it possible to put this instruction into
the source code, e.g. in the form of a pragma. I looked through the HP
aC++ manual, but found nothing obvious.

Then again, maybe I am overreacting here. Are the above warning level
part of the normal build, or did you change it to see if the compiler
would find some potential problems in the code? (Some of them, like
the assignment of long to int, are definitely work looking at.)

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