[xml] Bugzilla: xmllint garbles output from UFT-16 DocBook xml-files

This is my first post to this list. I've posted a bug at Bugzilla which I hope you can help me with. 
Best regards,
libxml2 | general | Ver: 2.6.19
Summary: xmllint garbles output from UFT-16 DocBook xml-files
Product: libxml2
Version: 2.6.19
Platform: Other
OS/Version: All
Severity: blocker
Priority: Normal
Component: general
AssignedTo: daniel veillard com
ReportedBy: ke-joh sectra se
QAContact: libxml-qa-maint gnome bugs
CC: all-bugs bugzilla gnome org
Please describe the problem:
I use xmllint as part of a toolchain in a DocBook CHM and PDF build environment.
xmllint is used in two parts, first to expand all xincluded xml-modules, and second to validate the xml-content.
When expanding xincludes from files with UTF-16 content, xmllint produces output which is clearly broken Unicode. We (Bob Stayton and I) have verified that
xmllib2 works since Bob tested with xsltproc --xinclude and it produced correct content, hence we've assumed that xmllint is flawed somewhere.
This problem is a showstopper for us and I'd appreciate if I can get fast help with this.
Steps to reproduce:
1. By using xmllint together with my customized stylesheets and UTF-16 xml-files.
Actual results:
I get an error message further down the toolchain:
Error on line 1 column 36 of
Error reported by XML parser: unexpected character after document prolog (found "?") (expected "<")
Transformation failed: Run-time errors were reported
Saxon which handles profiling cannot understand the file expanded.xml since the content is broken.
Expected results:
An xml-file with correct UTF-16 content should be produced which should be profiled and built into a PDF or CHM.
Does this happen every time?
Other information:
Yes, I have a screenshot of the broken unicode content. Here's the xincluded file with broken content (part of the file):

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