Re: [xml] ss_family compilation error

Doug Orleans said:
I'm trying to compile libxml2 on Tru64, but I get this error message:

  cc: Error: nanoftp.c, line 1382: In this statement, "ss_family" is not a
member of "(ctxt->ftpAddr)". (needmember)
      if ((ctxt->ftpAddr).ss_family == AF_INET6) {

I found a few occurrences of this in the list archives, and the
standard answer is to turn off IPv6 support with configure --disable-ipv6.
However, I believe this is unnecessary, and the error is simply due to
a bug in

The code in nanoftp.c needs to use the ss_family field of the
sockaddr_storage struct.  But instead of actually testing whether the
ss_family field exists, the configure script tests whether the
__ss_family field exists; if so, it concludes that ss_family does not
exist, and adds the following definition to config.h:

  #define ss_family __ss_family

However, on Tru64, both fields exist!  Actually, the field is named
ss_family, but there is also the following definition in

  #define __ss_family ss_family

Because config.h is included before sys/socket.h, the first definition
comes before the declaration of the sockaddr_storage struct, so the
field gets named __ss_family, but then the reference to the field in
nanoftp.c stays ss_family due to the circular definitions.

I believe the most straightforward way to fix this would be to add a
test to to detect whether ss_family exists, and only if
it does not exist should it try to use __ss_family instead.  I've
never used autoconf before, though, so I would rather let someone else
with more experience write up an actual patch.

If I'm missing something, please let me know.

--dougo place org

It looks to me as though your analysis is absolutely correct.  In fact, I have
always wondered why the previously reported problems were occurring on so many
HP systems.

I have enhanced the code in so that it first checks whether
ss_family is present, and only when it is missing does the check for
__ss_family.  I also added a warning if both are not found.  I checked the
enhanced configure on an HP Tru64 system, and it seems to work ok.  The
changed file is in CVS - please try it and let us know if there are any
further problems.

Thanks for your report, and for the time and effort you spent in chasing this


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