[xml] Crash related to return chars in data


    I apologize in advance that this report won't be very useful because I could
not test with the latest version.  The code is on a webserver that is being
used, and I can't experiment with different stuff on it right now.

    Someone I work with has code that seemed to crash in the libxml2 2.6.14 that
comes with Fedora Core 3.  I don't have a core dump or other information except
that he claims that it is related to having a return character in the data part
of the xml.

    Because that code works on other servers that have version 2.6.5 on it, I
installed that older version on the Fedora Core 3 and the crashes went away.

    I realize that there is little you can do without an exmaple xml file that
crashes, or at least my testing with the latest version, but I thought I would
at least send this message to the list in case someone with the same problem
might see it.


Robert G. Ristroph
Airlink Systems
rristroph airlinksystems com
(512) 231-1240 x103

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