Re: [xml] Error in LIBXML exc-c14n

This example in Exc C14N spec ( is
about C14N, not Exc C14N:

2.2 General Problems with re-Enveloping

As a more complete example of the changes in canonical form that can occur when the enveloping context of a document subset is changed, consider the following document:


Applying Canonical XML to the node-set produced from the first document yields the following serialization (except for line wrapping to fit in this document):



gopabandhu patra wrote:
Hello Sir,
I was testing Exclusive canonicalization by following xml file which is given in exclusive canonicalization specification. The input is below <n2:pdu xmlns:n1="";
      <n1:elem2 xmlns:n1="";
          <n3:stuff xmlns:n3=""/>
The output is below <n1:elem2 xmlns:n1=""; xmlns:xml=""; xml:lang="en"><n3:stuff xmlns:n3="";></n3:stuff></n1:elem2>

But the Actual Output should be

<n1:elem2 xmlns:n1="";
       <n3:stuff xmlns:n3="";></n3:stuff>

I couldn't get the problem Can you help mewhy is it coming wrongly.



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