Re: [xml] win32 build system


> - nor adding all the generated makefiles
why ? This would make much easier to everyone to use the build system.

 Because the official Windows build is Igor's one. Igor takes most of the
Windows issues and problems. If we clearly put a different build out then
people will start push request on him while they use a different build
system. And as I could see, on Windows new build way == new bugs, c.f.
for example the bug the Joel and William have been chasing so far unsuccess-
fully just because they changed a /MD onto /MT on Microsoft compiler.
I want the people who use bakefile to at least have gone though the
readme, the bakefile install, before hitting any potential bug, i.e.
those people can work and debug at least minimally on their own.
Ok; I got the point :-)
I also appreciate your disposability to a new build system: some other projects
(lua, gmp) didn't accept my bakefiles at all !
I think that what's new is usually, as you said, buggy but it could be also
very interesting and powerful; better give to bakefile a chance... ;-)

The size of the BUILD folder is about 317 Kb and I think it wouldn't be a
great problem adding it entirely...

 It's less a question of size, and more a question of making sure
people building this way know what they are doing. Bakefile is far from
ubiquitous, I'm fine suggestion it as a solution, but we are not ready
to cope with problems resulting from its use :-)
I understand :-)

 If I add those 3 files (libxml2.bkl, bakefiles.bkgen, Readme.txt) I will
put them under "bakefile", build is far too generic.
Ok; I hope they will be useful to the libxml2 project.

Francesco Montorsi

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