[xml] Error after upgrade to libxslt 1.1.12


I've been using libxslt 1.1.9 with Perl's XML::LibXSLT module.  Ran into
a bit of trouble when upgrading to 1.1.12 ...

I have a registered function which returns an XML::LibXML::NodeList.  It
runs through an array, creates an element for each item and then pushs
it onto the returned nodelist.

In my XSL file I have some things like ...
select="item[ns:myfunction($include)= value]"

and what that would do is select all the item elements with a value
which matches entries in the perl array.  This works fine in 1.1.9.  In
1.1.12 it gives a segmentation fault.

Is this a bug with libxslt or is there something I need to clear up in
my code?

James Orr <james orrwhat net>

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