Re: [xml] setting URL for xmlRelaxNGParserCtxt?

On Wed, Jan 26, 2005 at 11:35:52AM +0100, Martijn Faassen wrote:
One note though, I'm using dictionnaries more and more intensively those
days, so keeping a single dictionnary for everything, while it clearly
speed-up processing may grow quite a bit for example as you process random
documents. It might be a good idea to "sometimes" reset the dictionnary
to avoid explosion, for example for all the ID strings ever processed 
by the program.

I don't use a single dictionary to speed up processing. I am using a 
single dictionary as I have absolutely no way to know which nodes from 
which nodes are going to be combined. I actually don't know what these 
dictionaries are used for (are elements stored in them? text node 
strings? both? and why? :), but having separate ones is just an 
impediment to moving nodes around freely. Moving nodes around freely is 
absolutely essential in my library's case, as the API I'm implementing 
allows this always.

  okay then just keep the same dictionnary, but it may grow indefinitely
and may slow things down after a while.

What do you mean by resetting for every ID string? You mean as soon as 
an ID is encountered in an XML document? This may never happen for many 
classes of XML document, right?

  IDs values are stored in the dictionnary, they are potentially random
strings, and hence may grow your dictionnary indefinitely even if the
documents you manipulate have a fixed vocabulary.

  If it doesn't make sense for you, just forget about it.


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