Re: [xml] HTMLparser: body/noscript mismatch?

On Fri, Jan 21, 2005 at 06:35:02PM +0100, Cyrill Osterwalder <cyrill osterwalder tonsil ch> wrote:
I'll try to check the source to add the noscript to the html level. As I
understand the following link:

the <noscript> block can be a child of <html>. 

Nope. it only says noscript is a block element.

On the other hand

<!ENTITY % html.content "HEAD, BODY">
<!ELEMENT HTML O O (%html.content;)    -- document root element -->

says the only child elements allowed for html are head and body.

head can only contain script style meta link object title and base.

body can contain block elements.

Therefore, noscript can be contained in body or any subelement of body
that would be a block element.


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