[xml] child nodes disappear after call to xmlNodeSetContent()


i'm working on a high-level c++ wrapper for libxml and came across the
following problem when setting contents of nodes.

assuming i have the following xml-document:


and i want to set the content of the node "a" so the document looks like

      a's content

my code for achieving this goal is:


      xmlDocPtr doc = xmlNewDoc(BAD_CAST "1.0");

      xmlNodePtr node_a = xmlNewNode(NULL, BAD_CAST "a");
      xmlNodePtr node_b = xmlNewNode(NULL, BAD_CAST "b");
      xmlNodePtr node_c = xmlNewNode(NULL, BAD_CAST "c");

      xmlDocSetRootElement(doc, node_a);
      xmlAddChild(node_a, node_b);
      xmlAddChild(node_b, node_c);

      xmlNodeSetContent(node_c, BAD_CAST "content");

      xmlNodeSetContent(node_a, BAD_CAST "a's content");


but unfortunately, after the second call to xmlNodeSetContent() all the
childs of "a" disappear and if i dump the xml document i get this back:

<a>a's content</a>

after every call to xmlNodeSetContent, all the childs are removed!

any help will be greatly appreciated!

thanks a lot in advance


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