Re: [xml] [patch] DSO/Module support via libltdl

On Sat, Jan 01, 2005 at 10:30:09PM -0500, Joel Reed wrote:
Here's a new cut of the DSO/module patch. This time using
libltdl. Added comments and a readme as well. The readme
explains the current code. i'm hoping this could be applied
and improved upon (by win32 folks and those who want to 
sed the ltdl symbols :)

  Okay, I apllied it to my own tree and tried to make the default
using the local libltdl code, without making a separate .o by
#including the libldtl/ldtl.c code from xmlmodules.c . To make a
long story short:

    I hate it !

  when it compiles, I get a few hundred warnings from ldtl.c 
I have tried to work around autoconf weird errors like

  configure: error: conditional "INSTALL_LTDL" was never defined.

while I never use INSTALL_LTDL in or any
  Maybe I'm too old to understand or debug configure/libtool,
it seems they have stretched the amount of layers between code,
configuration and options way beyond my capacity to debug what's
going on. Maybe some people can make it work and debug it in case
of troubles, I can't. I tried to follow how xmlsec does it: what work
for them works for me too (the library embedding its local copy of 
the ldtl.c code) but then trying to make use of the system defined
version of libltdl though a configure option broke in various way,
including the INSTALL_LTDL error.

  This look like way too painful that I feel confident providing
support for this, I prefer getting back to a local implementation, not 
dependant on libtool and autoconf except to detect what is available
from the system and strictly that.

Sorry for wasting your time, I grabbed back to xmlmodules.2.patch
it's less than one fifth the amount of code needed to glue with for 
libldtl, it looks simple and reasonably easy to debug and extend and
doesn't generate tons of warnings on my build environment.
I just changed include/libxml/xmlerror.h to make the XML_MODULE_
errors start at index 4900 to not impede with XML_SCHEMA... range
which is likely to have more errors being defined.

  xmlmodules.2.patch is applied and commited in CVS, the next thing
I intend to change is make module support optional at the configure
level, regenerate the XML apis and docs and a bit of cleanup.

    thanks a lot !


Daniel Veillard      | Red Hat Desktop team
veillard redhat com  | libxml GNOME XML XSLT toolkit | Rpmfind RPM search engine

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