Re: [xml] Re: xsd:include question


agantuk B wrote:
Thanks for your response. I'll send you a test case

Also, while i'm at it, would you be able to tell me if
the implementation for xmlSchemaValidateStream will be
available ?  I've huge xml documents (> 50Mb in
certain instances) and to use libxml, i will need a
mechanism to validate a stream v/s have everything
in-memory. (My understanding is that
xmlSchemaValidateStream will let me read from an input
stream without the need to load the entire document in
memory) ?

It will be available, but I don't know when; Daniel already
has warned me not to put my nose in streaming validation until
the schema processor is stable enough :-)



agantuk B wrote:

        Hi.. i've a newbie question...

        I've a basic question on includes. I've 3
files - base.xsd, one.xsd, two.xsd.

base.xsd defines some element names (of type
simpletypes, & complex types).
one.xsd, two.xsd refer to the element names in
base.xsd, and add additional elements.

two.xsd includes base.xsd
one.xsd includes base.xsd
one.xsd also includes two.xsd

<xsd:include schemaLocation="base.xsd"/>

<xsd:include schemaLocation="base.xsd"/>
<xsd:include schemaLocation="one.xsd"/>

Should the schema parser complain about multiple
element names ?  with libxml (testSchema) it does,
with some others it doesn't !

No, it shoudn't complain. I guess you hit the
implementation of the <include> mechanism. Could you
send a
reproduceable test case, i.e. an instance and the XSD
files? Is the

I'll carbon copy your mail again to the list. Please use the
list the next time.



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