Re: [xml] Problems with error printing

On Mon, Feb 07, 2005 at 02:46:03PM +0200, Ohad Oded wrote:

Most of the fprintf are under some sort of #ifdef.
Some of them are under #ifdef LIBXML_OUTPUT_ENABLED. I didn't understand
its documentation in xmlVersion.h as having something to do with dumps
to stderr.
However here are some examples that are not under #ifdef:
xmlregexp.c(2234):     fprintf(stderr, "exec save: allocation failed");
relaxng.c(7768):        fprintf(stderr, "callback on %s missing
I tried to undef LIBXML_OUTPUT_ENABLED in xmlVersion.h but that resulted
in compilation errors.
xmlwriter.c(222) 'xmlOutputBufferCreateFilename' undefined (all its
definitions are under #ifdef LIBXML_OUTPUT_ENABLED).
There are some printf's too:
Xmlreader.c(921)      printf("Expand failed !\n");
The examples of code here are by no means a total grep, merely some

  what error did *you* got !
I'm all for fixing problems. But I want problems report. You said
you got stderr output, which ones ? 


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