[xml] wide characters & xmlDocDumpFormatMemory

I'm trying to use utf8 in my application, the jist of it being this;

cur = xsltParseStylesheetFile(xsltfilename);
doc = xmlParseMemory (var.c_str(),var.size());
  doc = xmlParseFile(xmlfilename);
  res = xsltApplyStylesheet(cur, doc, params);
xmlDocDumpFormatMemory(res, &xmlbuff, &buffersize, 1);

xmlDocDumpFormatMemory works fine in xmlbuff is coerced to char but not 
wchar_t. How can I use wide characters? are there wide character versions of 
these functions? I certainly couldnt find them or any clue about using utf8 
input for this library.


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