[xml] XML tree structure validity

Hi list,

Is there an inbuilt function to check the tree structure for validity according to libxml's way of doing things?

Basically, just to make sure I didn't screw up the nodes by accident.

I'm still new to libxml2, and I'm writing code like this:

inline void My_XMLMoveChildren( xmlNode* From, xmlNode* Into ) {
        xmlNode* Next = 0;
        for ( xmlNode* Child = From->children;  Child != 0 ;  Child = Next ) {
                Next = Child->next;
                xmlAddChild( Into, Child );

For all I know, it could work, or it might look like it works but actually be creating an inconsistant tree node structure, something that might not be immediately apparant but which could cause errors later in my code.

Now, if there was some sort of validity or sanity checking function in libxml2, I could pin down any bugs I create far more quickly.

Is there such a function?

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