[xml] Problem with UTF8Toisolat1()


I started writing a program to suck the wiki text out of MediaWiki XML
dumps, and convert it to ISO-8859-1 (in order to run it through
aspell). I'm having some unexpected failures in calls to
UTF8Toisolat1() though. I've narrowed it down to this example program.
UTF8Toisolat1() returns -2 (transcoding error) in this program, when
used with the instance at:


Though I can't see why. Can anyone see my (probably) simple mistake here?

I've tried running this program with the full dump of the Swedish
edition of the Wikiquote website, available compressed at:


With that document, I get 1722 successful UTF8Toisolat1() calls and 65
calls that return -2.

Thanks in advance.

Best regards,
Aron Stansvik

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