Re: [xml] libxml2 and default namespaces

Daniel Veillard wrote:
DOM is irrelevant, what matters is XML. Libxml2 does not implement DOM.
If you're discussing about whether an API allows somthings in a memory
tree, then that's not XML, it's irrelevant. If you are discussing about how an instance looks like, then XML is a normative prose which tells
what is flawed and what is not.

Your example had a serialization without the xmlns, so there is no namespace
from an XML perspective. Anything else is discussions about implementations,
are implementation specific and not normative from my point of view.
I'm want to add this comment from my perspective and leave this thread at that not to keep this going.

From my POV, if you build a document using DOM (or however you want to do it) and it doesn't have the same meaning when serialized then something is seriously wrong. So, omitting the default namespace when serialized produces a different meaning of the document than what was built... that is just plain wrong (again my opinion).


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