Re: [xml] xmllint makes a well-formed-check on includeed documents - and thats bad...

On Thu, Aug 25, 2005 at 11:29:37PM +0200, Peter Körner wrote:
then xmllint thinks this is bad (in fact two.xml is no well-formed xml 
document - but it is only planned for beein included in one.xml. why is 
xmllint missunderstanding that?
Is it meant to be so?

  Yes it's expected. Included files must be well formed, and XInclude is then
defined by merging both infosets. Read the spec it is short:

    "Resources that contain non-well-formed XML result in a fatal error."
cristal clear I think...

Note that the use of XPointer via a fragment identifier allows to include
subset(s) of the included file. See the examples in the spec or libxml2
test suite.


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