Re: [xml] Regarding to compilation on libxml2 in /MT instead of /MTd

Hi everyone,

I know where to configure it now. Its in libxml2-2.6.20\win32\configure.js , just change from /MD to /MT , that should be fine.

However, I've had another question about compilation with iconv. Obviously, there is no Win32 (VC6) support on libiconv. Could you tell me how do you compile such libraries, iconv.lib and iconv_a.lib from the source? Also, what is the code generation being used for iconv compilation?

Thank you veru much.


tikcireviva wrote:

Hi Igor,

I've downloaded libxml2-2.6.20.tar.gz from
I wonder where should I change in libxml2-2.6.20\win32\Makefile.msvc so that I can compile a lib with code generation "multithread /MT" rather than the default "multithread dll /MTd"

In order to compile libxml++, it requires libxml2 and iconv, would you mind also tell me how to compile iconv with code generation "multithread /MT" as well?

I am so sorry for any inconvenience, thank you very much. I am really appreciate that you help.

Best Wishes,

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