Re: [xml] patch: xmlTextReaderGetAttribute and xmlns support

Daniel Veillard wrote:

On Tue, Aug 16, 2005 at 07:43:19AM -0400, Rob Richards wrote:
Patch adds support to retrieve value of namesapce delcarations in xmlTextReaderGetAttribute

 What does the C# implementation do ? The behaviour should stay the
same as much as possible.
Will have to check later when I get back to my win machine. Not really sure if it should matter as namespaces are supposed to be handled as attributes and its a PITA right now that to access them the moveAttribute functions have to be used to get a hold of them.

Any objections to adding xmlns support to xmlTextReaderGetAttributeNs and xmlTextReaderMoveToAttributeNs?

 Depends on the original xmlTextReader semantic.
Similar comments as previous, though right now they cant be accessed either way using namespace functions (get vs. move).


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