Hi Al,

Von: al saladforkranch com
Datum: Tue, 2 Aug 2005 18:25:54 -0300

We use libxml2 to create conversions from XML files to other data sources.

We ran into an issue with namespaces that broke all of our code.
We have searched for 3 days and cannot find a solution.


Is there a property to set so that we can get the element name with the
namespace included?
Is there a function to call on an xmlNodePtr to get its namespace and its
element name back as one 

There's some info about namespaces at:

If I understand you well, then you want the tag name, thus the
namespace prefix + ":" + the node name (note that the namespace prefix
is not the namespace). To do this you may want to concatenate
(e.g. with xmlStrdup() and xmlStrcat()) node->name + ":" +

I'm not 100% sure if that's what you asked for though.

You didn't update your site for 2 years ;-) hope those piggies
are still around.



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