Re: [xml] HTML Parser: Choking on quoted HTML tags in javascript?

      pop_win.document.write("<link rel=stylesheet type=text/css

This is definitely an error. You need to close your link-tag like this
<link rel=stylesheet type=text/css href=default.css />

Even better, you should consider to wrap your entire script like this:

<script type="text/javascript">
// <!CDATA>
function a() { ... }
function b() { ... }
function c() { ... }
// </CDATA>

I am sure the CDATA syntax is wrong so check up on that.

This allows a parser to ignore everything between the CDATA tags and allows 
the script engine to ignore the CDATA tags as they are commented out.

Morten W. Jørgensen

Newtec A/S
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5230 Odense M
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