[xml] Running into "Content error in the external subset" with a schema

I cannot find any real documentation of what this error message
actually indicates. I have a schema, and several documents that
conform to it. But when I try to do XSLT procession with either
xsltproc or the Perl bindings, I get the following:

wcrs.cst: /CallSearchEngine.xsd:2: parser error : Content error in the
external subset
<xsd:schema xmlns:xsd="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema";

I've attached both the schema and the file. There are actually seven
files, but all of them report the same error. This is just the
shortest of them.

Note that the schema itself has been checked out through XMLSpy, and
otherwise appears to be in fine shape. All help appreciated. This is
occurring with both of these version pairs (libxml2/libxslt):

    2.6.16 / 1.1.11
    2.6.11 / 1.1.10

Randy J. Ray / randy j ray gmail com
Campbell, CA

Attachment: CallSearchEngine.xsd
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Attachment: wcrs.cst
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