[xml] Tip: An unofficial OASIS XML Catalog test suite


I thought you might be interested in an un-official OASIS XML Catalog test 
suite, which have been brought into the light while I wrote an implementation 
for KDE's new DOM implementation KDOM:


The most of it is written by Rob Lugt of ElCel technologies, who originally 
asked OASIS' entity resolution committee to adopt it, but it was me who two 
years later found that out via google and asked Rob if it was ok I used it.

All of it have MIT license headers, has 43 tests, and it can not be guaranteed 
whether conformance is a good thing..

You are of course very welcome to use it, and complement it to your liking. 
(Sending patches is fine, and CVS write access is equally easily arranged.)

Fetching the sources can be done by:
export CVSROOT=":pserver:anonymous anoncvs kde org:/home/kde"
cvs login # no password
cvs co kdenonbeta/kdom/catalog/TestSuite

You've had an implementation for a long time, but nevertheless.



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