RE: [xml] Trio Issues in libxml?

Hi Timothy,

This is quite odd. I can build a TRIO-free MSVC version with no problems. 

I suggest that you check the following:

Look in the config.msvc file that you generated. Be sure that it includes a line reading: WITH_TRIO=0

Look in the include\libxml\xmlversion.h file, which should have also have been generated by the script. Be 
sure that the section that potentially defines WITH_TRIO is excluded via an "#if 0" directive. 

Make sure that nothing in your environment is defining the symbol "VMS", since this would also force 
WITH_TRIO to be defined.

Good luck!

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HI Daniel,
  Sorry about the 2 messages, they got stuck in my outbound 
queue and sent 2 times.
  As for the build. I run the java script in the win32 
directory to make the actual config.msvc file. I then go to a 
Visual Studio command prompt and then us nmake /a /f 
makefile.msvc to actually compile the libraries.
  Like I stated before, I get the errors out lined in the 
below email that all pertain to TRIO even when I tell it not 
to include the TRIO stuff in the configuration file. 
Compiling in VC++ 6.0 itself yeilds the same results and errors.
  Has anyone seen this error before?
Eric Zurcher
CSIRO Livestock Industries
Canberra, Australia
Eric Zurcher csiro au

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