on 9/18/2004 9:08 AM William M. Brack wrote:

Kasimier Buchcik said:

Additionally a more robust check is needed in namespaces.c
(xsltGetNamespace), line 439+:

ret = xmlSearchNs(out->doc, out, ns->prefix);
if ((ret == NULL) && (ns->prefix != NULL))
    ret = xmlSearchNsByHref(out->doc, out, URI);

The above performs a search by prefix only; a check for equal namespace
needs to be added.

I'm afraid I don't quite follow that.  

Me neither :-)

Could you give an example of where the
existing code would fail?  And it would be better to continue this discussion
on the xslt mailing list rather than here on xml :-).

It would fail if you remove the fix you applied :-) Since the 
declarations are now assured to be in the right place, xmlSearchNs won't 



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