[xml] possible bug in xmlHasNsProp

Hi there,

I think I just ran into a bug in xmlHasNsProp.

If it is invoked like this:

xmlNsHasProp(node, 'foo', NULL)

what I'd expect is the attribute 'foo' that is *not* in any namespace (i.e. doesn't have a namespace prefix). This means that if that attribute, foo not in a namespace, does not exist, I'd expect to get NULL as a result, even if there is actually an attribute 'foo' in some namespace. Unfortunately, xmlNsHasProp *does* actually return that attribute 'foo' with the namespace. This means it is impossible to actually look up a namespace-less attribute node safely using xmlNsHasProp (and xmlHasProp is no help either).

The problem seems to be in the following check:

    if (nameSpace == NULL)
        return(xmlHasProp(node, name));

but a fallback on xmlHasProp is not right; it does a search irrespective of namespaces.

xmlNsGetProp in contrast actually does the right thing here:

    if (nameSpace == NULL)
        return(xmlGetNoNsProp(node, name));

if falls back on xmlGetNoNsProp, which explicitly searches for attributes with no namespace at all, instead of falling back on xmlGetProp. A bugfix would involve introducing the equivalent xmlHasNoNsProp and falling back on that instead.



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