[xml] xpointer range-to + xsltproc via document()

Hi there, 

I'm having trouble getting xsltproc to perform an xpointer range-to

Is it a mistake on my part, or is it just that range-to support is not
yet at it's best in xsltproc ?

[In any case, the error message seems a bit dubious.]

Here is the test-case (stick all 3 files in the same dir):

$ xsltproc xpointer-queries.xml

Should not fail, but fails with:

runtime error: file xpointer-transfo.xsl line 11 element copy-of
document() : XPointer does not select a node set: #%G�% nter(id('b1')/range-to(id('b3')))
no result for xpointer-queries.xml

To make it 'work', just comment-out the last <ref/> in xpointer-queries.xml

xsltproc --version says
Using libxml 20609, libxslt 10108 and libexslt 806
xsltproc was compiled against libxml 20609, libxslt 10108 and libexslt 806
libxslt 10108 was compiled against libxml 20609
libexslt 806 was compiled against libxml 20609

Also note that using an xinclude version of this does work

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