[xml] validation with multiple XML Schemata

Hi Igor,

I sent this to the list, since responding directly to you, I didn't
came through to you. I got:
"your email address is not marked as one of the approved emails
by the recipient(s) IKAPITAN bloomberg net".

Hi Kazimier,
I got a new requirement for my project to support multiple schemas.I
am looking for the example to parse XML documents to be validated by
multiple schemas in one application(server). Where can I find one for
libxml2? Thanx in advance  - Igor

A few questions from my side:
1. Do you want an XML document to validate against multiple schemata
    sequentially? --> Create a schema and validate the doc
    sequentially with every schema.
2. Do you need to construct a schema which is composed of multiple
    XML schemata? --> Create a master schema document, which
    <include>s or <import>s the other schema documents, then validate
    against the master schema.

Does the above meet your question?

Unfortunately I do not know of any examples for the use of XS with
libxml2 besides the parts in xmllint.c, testSchemas.c and xstc.py.



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