[xml] Catalog & Schema


I'm trying to use an OASIS catalog to map W3C XML Schema references in import 
statements to local locations. 

An example, this is my import statement:

<xsd:import namespace="http://www.totte.org/NS/Common"; 

And these are my catalog entries:

<rewriteSystem systemIdStartString="http://www.totte.org/NS/";
        rewritePrefix="file://schemata/" />

<public systemId="http://www.totte.org/NS/Common";
        uri="file://schemata/Common.xsd" />

AFAICT, the first catalog entry simply alters URLs, while the latter works on 
a semantical level; it requires the processor to know that a certain URL is a 
system ID, and that it is supposed to be associated with an URL, and it is 
the latter it should replace.

The problem is that nothing works. My Makefiles export XML_DEBUG_CATALOG and 
set the XML_CATALOG_FILES, but there's no reaction when xmllint (tries to) 
validate -- but validating Docbook sources against their DTD works fine with 
the same framework, and outputs plenty of debug statements.

What have I done wrong, or is WXS+Catalog not yet supported? (because it 
should work like I describe, right?)

If it's supposed to work like I describe and it's simply not yet implemented, 
then perhaps these are the cases which lack Catalog support:

* Schema Instance; schemaLocation

* import/include statements in W3C XML Schema

* RELAX NG (?)

* XSLT, import/include (haven't tested)

I'll file bug reports, in case it's of interest.



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