Re: [xml] Question regarding xmlAddId

  yes the XML Protocol WG screwed up on this (IMHO), and whoever designed
the format you are using requiring an Id of type ID on a soap:Body just failed

The presence os eterndal entities made DTD's too dangerous for SOAP.
Rather than subset a DTD, SOAP just outlawed them.  I think they made
the right decision. :)  The only reason to have a DTD is to identify
attributes of type ID.  It is unfortunate xml:id is only just now being
created -- it's clearly lame (not quite broken :) that it took almost a

XMLDSIG does not *have* to use ID attributes.  It can use XPath,
for example.  So that framework isn't broken, either.


Rich Salz                  Chief Security Architect
DataPower Technology
XS40 XML Security Gateway
XML Security Overview

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