Re: [xml] How to display in ASCII encoding and not in UTF8 ?

Aurelien Nephtali wrote:
On Tue, 09 Nov 2004 20:59:45 +0100, Benoît «Beny» Pineau
<beny sickless org> wrote:

I think your locales are iso-8859-1 or iso-8859-15, see UTF8Toisolat1()
in encoding.h

Nope, I've already tested that, it dumps something like that:

1 3 #text 0 1 B(Convention collective nationale 1998-07-13 en vigueur
à l'extension étendue par arrêté du 2_avril 1999 JORF 14_avril 1999).

I don't want characters with accents but "encoded characters" like &#234;.
I've tested UTF8Toascii() with no success :/
Another idea ?

Use xml*Dump* functions ?
Else, I think (not sure) that others functions interpret the encoding.

A developper can confirm ?


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