[xml] Re: xmlIndentTreeOutput = 1??

ok, i understand the problem so i try do make a workaround in my project.
i use more than one xml file and in one of them i will use 
xmlKeepBlanksDefault(0) and in
the other xmlKeepBlanksDefault(1).

so each function which use libxml looks now like this:

void functionA() {
int old = xmlKeepBlanksDefault(0);

my project create the xmltree by it self if the file not exist.
and now i have the effect that if the file will be create there is no 
if i read the file a second time an write in again -> it have indent?!

i also try to make

xmlSaveFormatFileEnc(filename.c_str(),doc,"UTF-8", 1);

but it not work.

so my question is: to which functions xmlKeepBlanksDefault have affection ??

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On Mon, Nov 01, 2004 at 07:16:22PM +0100, Thomas Rokohl wrote:

i have a problem with the xmlSaveFormatFileEnc function.

if i write:

xmlIndentTreeOutput = 1;
xmlSaveFormatFileEnc("test.xml",doc,"UTF-8", 1);

there is no indent in the file, but if i use:


it works. the problem is that i don't want to set 

so what's wrong by the first way?

i think the difference between this two way's for setting
xmlIndentTreeOutput is that den second way is an function call in the
library. but

 The core of the issue is the following:
   - if libxml2 sees a text node child for a node, it won't indent
     the output of that node to avoid destroying mixed content data
   - this policy also affects existing text nodes used for previous

xmlKeepBlanksDefault(0) removes all existing indentation nodes. Yes this
is bad, it's an heuristic. But expecting xmlSaveFormatFileEnc() to add
subch blanks or modify them is also an heuristic, as dangerous.
In a nutshell only the application can really know if spaces are ignorable
or not in an instance, and relying on the parser/toolkit to do so is not
safe. There is no easy solution.


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