Re: [xml] GNOME VFS and LibXML


Well, the transport layer used by libxml2 can be redefined.
In short, you can plug the type of http/ftp (or whatever) transport
layer you want libxml2 to use.
By default, libxml2 uses its own default layer of course.

The subsytem responsible of handling these IO stuffs is xmlio.
You can read the documentation at, and define
your own IO handler callbacks that make  use of GNOME VFS (for instance).

I was contemplating doing that for my project but I haven't had time to
properly do it yet. So if you could come out with a code snippet that shows
how to plug gnome vfs at xmlio level, it would be great ;)



Selon Dan Korostelev <dan ats energo ru>:

Is it possible to save XML file thru GNOMEVFS?

Dan Korostelev <dan ats energo ru>

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