Re: [xml] Error in the Tutorial

On 27.05.2004 02:54, John Fleck wrote:

Thanks, I'll fix that.

No, John, leave it. The code is working and I have no idea why would a compiler give an error here. If you want to fix it, then better do a

  xmlChar *xpath = (xmlChar*) "//keyword";

Duplicating the string here is misleading.

By the way, I cannot reproduce the error with any of the three compilers I have here:

Microsoft's Visual C/C++ says it isn't a big deal:

  C:\Temp>cl -Ic:\opt\fsw\include -W4 -c xpathex.c
  Microsoft (R) 32-bit C/C++ Optimizing Compiler Version 13.10.3077
   for 80x86
  Copyright (C) Microsoft Corporation 1984-2002. All rights reserved.
  test.c(37) : warning C4057: 'initializing' : 'xmlChar *' differs
   in indirection to slightly different base type from 'char [10]'

GNU C compiler doesn't say a thing. It just compiles.

  C:\Temp>gcc -Ic:\opt\fsw\include -Wall -c xpathex.c

Intel's C/C++ compiler is very conversational, but it doesn't mention our line 37:

  C:\Temp>icl -Ic:\opt\fsw\include -W4 -c xpathex.c
  Intel(R) C++ Compiler for 32-bit applications, Version 8.0
   Build 20031017Z
  Copyright (C) 1985-2003 Intel Corporation.  All rights reserved.
  test.c(5): remark #1418: external definition with no prior declaration
    getdoc (char *docname) {
  test.c(18): remark #1418: external definition with no prior
    declaration getnodeset (xmlDocPtr doc, xmlChar *xpath){
  test.c(55): remark #181: argument is incompatible with corresponding
    format string conversion printf("keyword: %s\n", keyword);

Note that all three compilers produced a valid object file. Also note that in all three cases I had to turn all possible warnings on in order to get any message on the screen. Finally note that only one of the three had mentioned the line 37 at all.

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