Re: [xml] xmlSchema : enumeration and libxml

On 25.05.2004 20:30, Eric Haszlakiewicz wrote:

  You're perfectly correct in referring someone to another project
that has the necessary functionality, but it seemed like you didn't
at all about whether jeremie actually needed to switch to a different
parser.  The schema fragment he (?) provided certainly didn't look
anything that libxml2 can't handle.  The thing that bugged me was that

you appeared to be sending him on a wild goose chase.

That I certainly had no intention to do. Since it appearantly sounded that way, thanks for pointing it out.

My answer to Jeremie wasn't meant as a definite solution for the particular problem that he was having. Rather, it was a general statement that the support for XML Schemas isn't complete and its use asks for caution. One should expect problems.

Regardless whether libxml can handle Jeremie's particular fragment now, it is possible that his schema evolves into something libxml won't handle. If this comes up later, when he spends resources to build something that now depends on libxml, then he will be a lot less happy than he is now.


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