Re: [xml] libxml2/xmlwrapp win32 exception


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On 21.05.2004 12:25, Pidgeon Gareth wrote:

Hi there i am using the win32 libxml2 binaries from
together with xmlwrapp however when I
try to parse this xml:

 <RLSOLVE_MSG version="1.0">
<RESPONDER version="1.1.003" relDate="2003-09-01"> <NAME> SmartSwitch </NAME>
        <RESPONSE replyFormat="standard" followOnMsg="no">
                        <SOURCE id="1"/>.
                        <TRANS_NUM> 1 </TRANS_NUM>
                <PROBE_RESPONSE target="SmartSwitch"/>

I get an exception during xmlCopyNode in the xmlwrapp function as follows:

xml::node::node (const node &other) {
    std::auto_ptr<node_impl> ap(pimpl_ = new node_impl);

    pimpl_->xmlnode_ = xmlCopyNode(other.pimpl_->xmlnode_, 1); <**** here
    if (!pimpl_->xmlnode_) throw std::bad_alloc();


I am trying to catch any std::exceptions and end up catching this exception
with a catch (...) so I guess its something libxml isn't expecting... I am
wondering if there is any way get any more information from libxml regarding
the excetion ?

Also I tried this with xmllint which works fine (now I have the latest win32



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