Re: [xml] Avoiding document declaration on xmlDocDumpMemory?

Thanks for the tip - unfortunately xmlElemDump only does it to a file descriptor - for performance reasons I need a direct memory dump, although having said that for the time being I may have to use xmlElemDump!


On 21 May 2004, at 10:22 am, dodji seketeli org wrote:


I think you can try to get the document root element using and dump it into a buffer using .



Selon Jose Commins <axora myrealbox com>:

        (libxml2, 2.6.10)

        Is there a simple way to avoid the document declaration from being
output when using xmlDocDumpMemory / xmlDocDumpFormatMemory?

        I am concatenating several XML files and I am trying to avoid this:

<?xml version=\"1.0\" encoding=\"ISO-8859-1\"?>

        From being output at the start of the libxml2's XML memory dump.


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