Hi All,

I am experiencing some problems using XML_PARSE_NOBLANKS and libxml2
(2.6.7) on Windows plateforms.

When my input file has several blank lines in a row, libxml2 does not
consider that is a blank, and creates a node.

So I tested with linux or mac files (only CR or LF), and it worked as
exepected (no text nodes created).

A annoying consequence in my case is when using xmlSaveFormatFile, the
simple fact to have a text node as child desactivates the formatting
(which is very nice in other cases).

I have not found the reason of this behaviour ; in the parser's code CR
and LF seems to be treated as equal in areBlanks (except in some strange
loops as  "while (*in == 0xA) {  ctxt->input->line++; in++; }"

Has anybody an idea ?


Rémi Peyronnet

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