[xml] RELAX NG validation error?

Hi all,
I have trouble with validation the follow document against RELAX NG schema.
I tested it by jing (written by RELAX NG developer) which say, that document
is valid. Bud libxml2 (i testes version 2.6.8 - 2.6.10-1) write:

Relax-NG validity error : Extra element system in interleave
../../schema/sample-config.xml:34: element system: Relax-NG validity error : Element configuration failed to 
validate content

I thing that this is bug in libxml 2 (three people check it and schema seems
to be ok).

The schema is available at: http://tokai.ipv4.liberouter.org/netopeer_schema/1.4/netopeer.rng

The document is at: http://tokai.ipv4.liberouter.org/netopeer_schema/1.4/sample-config.xml

I'm not 100% sure that it is a bug so I didn't report it to the Bugzila.

Have a nice day and thank you for help


Petr Novak, Liberouter Project (www.liberouter.org)
E-mail: novak merlot ics muni cz

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