[xml] Regression problem with resolution of bug #134566 - xmlParseChunk and '>' symbol in attributes - can't parse

Hi everybody,

I've just upgraded to libxml2-2.6.7, and noticed a regression introduced when 
the bug #134566 (xmlParseChunk and '>' symbol in attributes - can't parse!) 
has been fixed.

When using the parser in push mode, feeding a complete opening tag (<name 
attr='...' ...>) to the parser by calling xmlParseChunk will not call the 
startElement handler, because the parser waits for the next '<' character 
before parsing the tag. This causes a problem when parsing an XML stream 
received over the network, where the client is supposed to respond to a 
single incomming XML (self-closing) tag. I noticed this when testing an XMPP 
(Jabber) client, which received a "<proceed/>" tag from the server and failed 
to respond, because the parser buffered the tag without processing it.

For now I'll revert the patch that fixed the #134566 bug, and I'm open to 

Laurent Pinchart

PS: Please CC me as I'm not subscribed to the list.

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