[xml] Re: [xmlsec] exc c14n w/o comments bug

Quoting Aleksey Sanin <aleksey aleksey com>:
Yes, you are right it is a bug and with the same roots: the namespace
declaration in the element is different from the attribute namespace.

I am really sorry that I did not get to this problem. I just have
no time left these days. But I have it on my "todo" list and I will
look at it as soon as I can.

Hi, Aleksey.

I just met that same problem in another context.

Do you expect that you will be able to look at it within a week, or is it more
like not until one month from now ?

Should we consider that this is a "helpwanted" topic and that you would enjoy it
if someone external tries to find where the problem comes from ?
I'm afraid that part of the code is quite complex, and it won't be easy for
anybody but you to find the right solution.

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